Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Part #3 How to install or update an Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM

So you saw a nice ROM and want to install it but could need a little help? I consider your devide is already rooted and you did the backup and the wiping according to THIS and THIS step. These should be undertaken BEFORE installing any ROM in my opinion. So here we go...

(Please note that it's your own responsibility to proceed further.
I can't come up for damages and can't always be there with personal advice.
The tutorial may be made on and for TF101 but should work on other devices
and versions too. Be careful. You pay what you destroy!)

Make sure you got the ROM you want to install on your external (or if already wiped / formated) internal sdcard. Also you should have the appopriate GApps package! We are ready to proceed if we checked on that.

Boot / reboot your tablet (if not already there) into recovery. I consider you also have TWRP or higher. In my wipe & format post is a link to flashable TWRP
Read the regarding post please before installing...

Lets go on. Press the "Install" button:

From here you navigate to your external sdcard or usb device where your ROM is located and select it (in my case):

In the view that opens after chosing the ROM you just "Swipe to install". When done installing to head one step back and do the same with the actual GApps. When done just tap on "Clear Dalvik" and let him do the magic. After head back to the TWRP homescreen and choose "Reboot" -> System.

You are all done. Your new ROM should be installed with the appropriate Google Apps. When your tablet has finished booting it should welcome you with the setup of the language and the other basic stuff.

Hope it helped. Cheers.
See part #4 to learn how to make a NAND backup of a freshly installed ROM.

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