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Part #1 How to backup your Android 4.4.2 KitKat device using Titanium Backup

Well... the Android factory reset might be a good thing at all. But if you really want to be sure to get rid of any piece of Android and fragments of other apps and personal data, then you will have to wipe and format the hell out of your device. The factory reset only cleans specific "folders" and wipes only specific partitions like eG /data, /cache & /dalvik cache.

The tutorial is subdivided in: #1 real Backup, #2 real wipe and formating, #3 how to install and #4 some minor advices and tweaks. Please read them all to prevent user caused errors and stuff.

(Please note that it's your own responsibility to proceed further.
I can't come up for damages and can't always be there with personal advice.
The tutorial may be made on and for TF101 but should work on other devices
and versions too. Be careful. You pay what you destroy!)
First you should get an overview about what data you ned and what not. This might be based on experience. Since even if you do a full Titanium backup it might happen, that you are missing some gamedata, contacts or setting after the reinstallation of the ROM. But that's what you realize AFTER you wiped the device. :>

The Preparations! (READ IT! Do it!)

Anyway. Lets do this!:

In my case I do a Titanium backup AND copy some folders from /sdcard/ to extSdCard/temp manually. That would be eG the Next Launcher steeings / backups, the tapatalk settings, folders related to play baldurs gates 2, master of orion 2 and heroes of might and might III on my tablet. Also I zip some bigger things like my picture / vid folder and rescue some savegames as i tranfer the contacts. This might look like this:

You can backup your contacts by opining cour Contacts and the hitting the menu in the upper right corner. There is a option to import and export your contacs to SD.

The backup script will tell you where your contacts have been stored to. Now you can easily move them. The contatcs come in *.vcf format.

#1 Doing a Backup with Titanium Backup:

You will need an backup app of your choice. My choice is Titanium backup root. It DOES cost but it's worth the money. I think you can get a free version but this one (at least has been) pretty annyoing. While the backup process you have to ackknowledge any app to backup. You can get it  here if you want to use it anyway. Others use Helium, but I never saw it and can'T say anything about it.

Changing the backup folder to external sdcard:
  1. Start Titanium backup:
  2. Change backup folder to externalSD:
  • Menu -> Setting -> Backup Folder
  • There hit the back button (else he wont offer to chose the folder path)
    and navigate to your extSD. Maybe you will have to create a folder
    before... but hopefully you know how to do that. After creating the folder
    (with eG rootexplorer or ES Fileexplorer) return to step 1. If you already have a Titanium backup folder, you can let Titanium search it by itself.
Now Do a backup of you choice -> See screenshot. First hit the batch-backup and restore symbol:

Here you can decide, wether you want to backup all your apps and data (#1), all your NEWER apps + data  (#2)(if you have already used Titanium Backup, and if you already have got backups of your applications, then Titanium will only backup newer versions of your apps to save time - if the backups folder is set up correctly) or if you really want to backap EVERYTHING (this means all your apps, alls your app data, all your system apps + data) (#3):

This might sound strange but I would NOT recommand to backup everything but instead backup all your apps and app data (#3) not the system data.

I prever to simply backup apps and data, since I noticed some minor bugs when restoring certain system apps which belong to email etc. So... We are ready to take off since we we copyied all the files from /sdcard/ to an external source (as said in the step BEFORE #1) and saved our apps and data via Titanium to the external SD.

You will come to an view like this:

Here you can chose what to backup detailled. On my screenshot you can only thee apps, since as mentioned: I don't save system apps usually. Depending on how much data you save, it might take up to an hour. When Titanium backup is done it prompts like this in the notification bar:

Hint1: If you didn't change the backup folder to the external sdcard... it will be lost after the next step. So if you got it on internal storage: COPY IT! Alls data EVER will be lost after the next steps.

Hint2: If you want to be on the sure side (and dont have already one) you should prceed with THIS step instead of the wiping...

Hope it helped. Cheers.
You can now advance to part #2 the "wiping & formatting" part of the tutorial here.

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