Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Part #4 How to do an Android 4.4.2 KitKat NAND backup with TWRP

Having a NAND backup at hand can save time an nerves. I actually have always two backups. Most often I freshly install a ROM, its GApps and do the basic setup. After I reboot it 2 times, without installing anything else.Then I do the first backup. Then I configure the user space, interface, email and stuff and restore my Titanium backup, sync data and restore other saved stuff and settings. Then I do the second TWRP NAND backup. Like this I can decide to go for a fresh or an mostly up to date install. Nevermind. Let's get that backup started:

(Please note that it's your own responsibility to proceed further.
I can't come up for damages and can't always be there with personal advice.
The tutorial may be made on and for TF101 but should work on other devices
and versions too. Be careful. You pay what you destroy!)

Reboot into recovery (start tablet and hold volume down until the tablet shows some white writings. then you push volume up)

Hit the "Backup" button

Enable everything and switch to external storage on the right side. You may set up a backup name but theres no need to

Depending on how big your system has grown this can take a lot of time. In my case I did nothing but install the ROM and the GApps. 118 seconds ain't too much and from here I can restore my system to exactly this point.

Hint: You dont have to backup all the stuff. The data folder for example will grow very big when you have installed a lots of apps and appdata. If you just want the basic framework of your ROM to be saved, you can chose to disable the data files. Beware: I'm pretty sure this might lead you to issues like force closes and SoDs.

Hope it helped. Cheers.

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