Dienstag, 19. April 2016

How to Flash Wiko Rainbow with Cyanogen CM13 ROM [TUTORIAL][STEP-BY-STEP]

Since there are some people having problems with flashing the Wiko Rainbow (especially with CyanogenMOD CM13) I wrote this "little" Step-By-Step tutorial. I made it up in 3 parts, since there a three thing, that most users suffer the most:
  • wrong usb driver installation 
    • (ends up in threads like: "SP FLASHTOOL DOESN'T SEE MY HANDY!!!11ELEVEN!1ONE!!)
  • forgetting a step because it's not mentioned exactly
  • making mistakes in order of following steps, THAT HAVE AN ORDER!
So that's how we do it.
FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL ON YOU OWN RISK AND CAUTION. YOUR PHONE MIGHT BE DAMAGED... blah... if now: You'll have a shiny new Wiko Rainbow CM13 Marshmallow 6.0.1 smartphone! ;)

Wiko Rainbow USB driver installation - The RIGHT USB-Driver - Autoinstaller from XDA

A lot of people find it kinda difficult to find the right Wiko Rainbow USB drivers for there phones. Since the firmware updates for Wiko Rainbow seem to have stopped long time ago (ok there have been some nationally spitted / bugged / bloated officialle lollipop versions out there) user will have to install custom firmwares (called ROMs). Wether this or you can run around with a slow, unresponsive, bloated and unsecure Smartphone. To make your phone shiny and new again, you will firstly have to get the right Wiko Rainbow USB driver. You can read all about the download and stuff