Dienstag, 19. April 2016

How to Flash Wiko Rainbow with Cyanogen CM13 ROM [TUTORIAL][STEP-BY-STEP]

Since there are some people having problems with flashing the Wiko Rainbow (especially with CyanogenMOD CM13) I wrote this "little" Step-By-Step tutorial. I made it up in 3 parts, since there a three thing, that most users suffer the most:
  • wrong usb driver installation 
    • (ends up in threads like: "SP FLASHTOOL DOESN'T SEE MY HANDY!!!11ELEVEN!1ONE!!)
  • forgetting a step because it's not mentioned exactly
  • making mistakes in order of following steps, THAT HAVE AN ORDER!
So that's how we do it.
FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL ON YOU OWN RISK AND CAUTION. YOUR PHONE MIGHT BE DAMAGED... blah... if now: You'll have a shiny new Wiko Rainbow CM13 Marshmallow 6.0.1 smartphone! ;)

Chapter 1: Get prepared! Have your stuff together!

  1. SP Flash Tool
  2. The RIGHT usb driver
  3. Fresh 04.12.2014_V1.13.zip ROM
  4. Wiko Rainbow Cyanogen CM 13 ROM
  5. Wiko Rainbow Cyanogen CM13 gApps
  6. TWRP 3 for Wiko Rainbow
  7. Fix for Wiko Rainbow NVRAM Error  
EDIT: If you are running Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 / +, then you need to disable the driver verification BEFORE you install the RIGHT driver. Remember: You wont necessarily get an error while installing the drivers. Just disable the verification. You can read all about that and how to do it HERE or HERE.

So when you got all files and the right driver installed, we can go to chaper 2 - the Installation:

The Installation / Flashing Cyanogen CM 13 Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM to the Wiko Rainbow
  1. (if connected) disconnect the phone from your computer
  2. remove the battery from the phone (for 5secs+)
  3. open SP Flashtool as Administrator
  4. pick the Scatter-file from the Fresh 04.12.2014_V1.13.zip Install
  5. choose install mode [FIRMWARE UPDATE]
  6. (if not autom. done) tick all checkboxes
  7. hit [DOWNLOAD]
  8. put in the battery back in and connect it to the computer
  9. wait for the tool to finnish: [OK]
  10. disconnect the phone, remove the battery
  11. in sp flash tools now chose mode "Download" from the dropdown menu
  12. untick all checkboxes but let "RECOVERY" checked.
  13. click right next onto the path of the recovery to chose one
  14. there pick the TWRP 3 for Wiko Rainbow
  15. hit [DOWNLOAD] 
  16. put back in the battery
  17. plug your phone to the computer
  18. wait till [OK] is prompted
  19. unglug your phone.
  20. turn on your phone
  21. let the phone boot normally
  22. when finnished you may or may not do the base config reboot into recover
    1.  (hit [VOLUME-UP] while the phone restarts). 
    2. [SWIPE] to allow modifications
  23. Wipe -> Format Data -> yes
  24. Advances wipe -> Everything but internal sd + USB
  25. install the Wiko Rainbow Cyanog CM 13 ROM
  26. install the (pico in my case) Wiko Rainbow Cyanogen CM13 gApps
  27. reboot
  28. if your nvram is damaged, pick "Chamelephon" and enter your IMEIs
    1. You can find your original IMEIs behind your battery
You are all done and ready to go. Have fun with your shiny new Wiko Rainbow CyanogenMOD 13 Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM.

I'll add some pictures of the SP Flash Tool later.


  1. Hello!
    Will CM13 (Android 6) work on my Wiko Rainbow phone with 1Gb RAM and 4Gb disk space?

  2. Yip. But I found only versions with crackeling sound (speakers only). Everything else is working fine so far. I would go with XOSP or AIPC Rom. They are lightwight and fast. E.g: http://meandmywiko.blogspot.de/2016/07/wiko-rainbow-xosp-61-rom.html?m=1

  3. Great news!
    Thank you!

    I will follow your instructions, except point 25. where I will install the XOSP version together with other fixes given on the XDA link you mentioned in your blog post.

    It's the first time I will flash a mobile and your tutorial is really helpful! Thx!

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  5. The Link is broken, please update !!!